Christian Edition: How To Think Positive or Have A Positive Attitude

" A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones," - (Proverbs 17:22) 

One of the things I have been working on for a while now is learning how to think positively and having a positive attitude/mindset towards life, situations I might be going through and circumstances/events I might face on a daily basis. Speaking positivity into the world, to our loved ones, to those that may need it, to strangers that may be battling with a lot and to ourselves really MATTERS!

That is why I have made the choice to wake up every morning and say positive and biblical affirmations to myself. Reading those affirmations out loud has given me the confidence I need to be what God has called me to be and to also be courageous enough to face my day head on.

I believe if we start our day positively we will end it on a positive note and also be able to tackle whatever comes our way that day. 

That is why I have come up with 5 Tips that can help US ALL (Yes, us all because Lord knows I am still a working progress too and we are all in this together).

TIP #1: Focus On Your Thoughts 
What is it that's truly making you think the way you think. 
Get to the root of those negative thoughts/problems. When we start to think negative, we start to act negatively towards everything and everyone that surrounds us that day. The moment that we allow negativity to overcome us everything that day starts to fall apart. That is why we must learn how to replace any negative thought with a positive one.

Please Read - (2 Corinthians 10:5)

TIP #2: Stop Letting Other Peoples Negative Attitude Affect You:
Lets learn how to detach ourselves from people with such energy. When you start to realize that someone's negative attitude is rubbing off on you then take it up yourself to remove yourself form the equation and walk away. Anyone that does not bring positivity into your peaceful space is not worth entertaining.

TIP #3: Make A List of Areas In Your Life That You Would Like to Work On:
For an example, I know I would like to work on my attitude some more and learn how to handle adult life situation much better than I do now. Listing any negative attitude you may have is a start to a much positive journey. If you can not think of what to put on your list then just ask those that know you members and close friends. Trust me I am sure they will have a WHOLE lot to say. Just kidding, but really though try it. Sometimes people we love tend to see things in us that we are unable to see in ourselves. 

TIP #4: Write Down Positive Affirmations That You Can Say To Yourself Every Morning:
Make it a goal to read those affirmations to yourself out loud every single day. Appreciate how amazing those affirmations make you feel at that very moment. Let it all sink in. Know in your heart that you're doing your best and making progress even if it's hard for you to see it right now. Just keep focusing on the positive affirmations. I believe there is power in the tongue and what you speak into yourself will start to grow within you. The more you say those affirmations the more you start to believe it and be it. So, speak positive things into existence.

Here are 7 Scriptures about speaking positive things into existence: 
Proverbs 18:21
Philippians 4:8
Matthew 21:22
Isaiah 55:11
Mark 11:23
Matthew 4:4

TIP #5: Take The Time To Pray and Talk To God Daily About This:
In all honesty this should have been the number one tip. I can not tell you how much talking to God has made me see myself from a much deeper lens. I truly believe that it is impossible to change by yourself that is why we have God to lean on and help us through it. I am also a firm believer of the quote:
"I can't come and kill myself." - In my Nigerian Accent
In my own version it means do what you can and let God do the rest.

Always remember God's thoughts of us is always positive so why not try to be just as Christ-like as we can be and live our best life by surrounding ourselves with good thoughts, good people and positive way of living.

Stay Blessed!

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