Only God Can Define You

"Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother or sister. - (Roman 14:13)

A lot of times we find ourselves feeling stuck not knowing where to fit in, who to fit in with and who we are as a christian. Well... at least that was the case for me. My relationship with God wasn't an easy one at first. At first, I really didn't know who to be or how to be. As a Christian I struggled with not knowing where to turn to. I guess what I'm trying to say is I didn't know how God wanted to be or what he would like me to be like. It was something I needed to find out through Him. I know something that helped me was learning how to DEPEND on Him. I think it is very important to know who you are as an individual in your walk with Christ. When you know yourself you know that you are not meant to fit in; you are meant to STAND OUT (passionately speaking that is). You are meant to be a LEADER. Yes, you do want to be relatable as a christian; relatable in a way were people will be drawn to you through similar life experiences and what he or she might be going through. 

As you go on this journey figuring yourself out or trying to know who you are or even in the midst of knowing who you are. Do not let people who are judgmental or people who feel the need to be like the "Pharisees" affect you. And I'm talking about the Christians who are a 100% into religion instead of actually having a relationship with God. I want you to know that you are UNIQUE; you are suppose to be unique as an individual and as a person. And if I'm being honest with are not going to be everyone's favorite. Not everyone is going to like you...not everyone is going to be drawn to you. Not everyone is going to see you the way God sees you and that fine. As long as you are being honest with God, yourself and not allow other people to dictate and tell you who you are. God is the only one who can define you and who can tell you who you are. And that’s on  P E R I O D T!!!! It is only through God you will have the confidence to know and to understand yourself.

Now I have decided to blog about this topic because this is something that I have also struggled with; not only on social media but also in church and also in the world. But just as God has confidence in who you already are... I think its also important to have confidence in who you already are and the journey/process you are going through. Yes, you were once a sinner! Yes, you have battles you face every single day... but I need you to understand that it is better to go through this process and learn from God. If you have people in your life that are truly there for you and understand this journey that you are going on please by all means listen to them. Also, remember that if a person truly loves you they will come from a loving place. They will not judge you nor look down on you nor make you feel not worthy enough to be a Christian. Don't make the Devil make you feel like you are not meant to go through this Christ-like journey. No matter how difficult things may be, no matter how many times you fall or you fail. I am here to say, GET RIGHT BACK UP and continue this journey with God. Do not go back to your old ways feeling like you have to fit in again. Just because you have turned away from those old ways does not mean you can’t be different and have a personality that stands out. Your past is not your present, your past in not your future. You do not need to fall back in the traps of things you use to do just because you want to fit right back with people who obviously do not care about your well-being. 

As a christian that represents God in your own rights and through His light...I want to let you know that sometimes you will not be liked by other Christians. It is sad to know and see that brothers and sisters in Christ (well some at least) struggle to show love for one another. Some are out here feeling like they are "more of a christian" than others. No matter what path or what journey you're on... you could be going on this journey in a much slower pace or a much faster pace... it really does not matter as long as you're still on this walk with God. First of all, this is not a competition and with that said do not allow someone to tell you who you are and who you are not. Have that confidence in God to know that even if you are struggling as a Christian He will help you through it. He is the only one that can help you through it and bring the right people into your life to guide you through. 

I am writing this to encourage souls who are struggling out there to know their identity.  I am encouraging you to WALK THIS WALK WITH GOD NO MATTER WHAT and figure it out through Him. Open up that Word, see what God says. You are unique and your uniqueness will inspire many souls. And just because you're a Christian who might look a little different, dress a little different, and act a little different does not mean you are not qualified. Nobody has the authority to tell you that you are unqualified to be a child of God. I passionately write about this because it hits deep.

Oh, I'm not done yet...TUH!

And for the Christian who feel the need to attack other Christians instead of being a help of hand and actually showing love. REPENT & PRAY! Ask God to help heal your heart and help renew your heart. And help you see people through His lense. Its not fair to the people who are already dealing with inner's not fair to the people who wish they had true christian friends to lean on but instead they keep to themselves so that they won't be judged by others.. There's enough hate going around in the world today and as Christians who were born into love and brought up by love lets learn how to spread that instead. Lets lean on one another. God called us all brothers and sisters for a reason...not enemies and definitely not Pharisees. Who are you to feel like you have the power to cast out others just because they don't act Holy enough or act christian enough. Please lets not forget that WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST and we shall treat one another as one in Christ. We all have a story to tell. 

I pray that today someone get's touched by this message.
I pray that they are encouraged.
And for those who are struggling to find the right friend through Christ.
Please do not worry. Keep praying. Keep pressing forward. God will bring the right people into your life at His own time. He will help you . He will guide you. He will support you through this.

If you're struggling with your identity... continue to spend time with God and you will find out who you truly are in Christ. Through your bond with God you will be guided by Him. 

Oh, God I thank you so much for giving me this topic to talk about. 

Thank you God 🙏🏾
Thank you Jesus 🙏🏾
Thank you All 🙏🏾

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