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“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord." - (Jeremiah 17:7)

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Hey guys! How are you all doing today? I feel like I do not ask that enough. I just want to say that If you are having a bad day and you happen to be reading this post I want you to know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU ALL! And no matter what you are going through in life today God will surely see you through. Now come here give me a *cyber hug*

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A Test Turned Testimony

After graduating with my Masters in Social Work I thought I was unstoppable. This new found confidence I had in myself made me feel like I can have anything in the world including the perfect Social Work career. But that was not the case for me because a few weeks later I felt this fear come over me. 

The fear of failing.
The fear of the unknown.
The fear of having many doors shut on my face.
Those few weeks of excitement and anticipation were fading away.
Reality started kicking in and doubts found a way to creep in. 
I basically used my trip to Nigeria (graduation present) to escape from all my problems, not knowing that two months later I was going to come back to face my fears again.

It was hard seeing people I graduated with succeed in their own rights while I sat day in and day out questioning God. I would say this was a season of uncertainty for me. My fear to take a leap of faith into the next chapter of my life scared me. But through it all I managed to fill out 1-2 applications a day. And for those that may be asking I graduated last May 2016. You would think being a woman with two valuable degrees would be able to get a job in no time. Well, it sad to say that in some cases the real world does not work like that. Somehow someway I still managed to find the strength through Christ to break through my fears. It was not easy because every time I was brave enough to knock on the door of success I would get a NO. That no felt like a bunch of doors slamming in my face all at once. I was on the edge of having no hope, but still holding on to God finger tips. There was a point when I could not pay my credit card bill, but one day a certain amount of money appeared in my account. That money was enough for me to pay off my entire credit card bill.

A lot of people will read this and say how is that possible?

Well, before I graduated I had a job that forgot to pay me for the last hours I worked. It was not until months later after graduating I saw the money in my account. If I had recieved the money before my trip to Nigeria I probably would have spent it on some unnecessary items. But God knows me too well. He waited for the right now, a time when it was easy for me to humble myself. God is truly amazing! He knows how to help those in need. Talk about perfect timing. I went through months with $0.00 in my account, but I still managed to survive. I spent days and nights communicating to God and also crying out to him. Although deep down in my heart I knew this test through life would soon become a testimony. But what I did not know was that it would take a WHOLE YEAR to actually get the desired job God wanted me to have. Now I am happy to announce to you all that I not only hold two important positions in my career field; but all my credit goes to God for believing in me more than I believed in myself. I can officially now call myself a career woman

Through this test I have learned that God knows exactly what he is doing. Success comes in different ways and different times. Some people can be instantly successful while it might take someone else time to get there. But what you need to remember through it all is your success will come in God's timing. Which happens to be the best and greatest of all.

I also learned that you can't allow your fears to get the best of you. The best way to break out of your fears is to face them and using prayer to fight back.When you are afraid, put your trust in God. We are meant to be STRONG & COURAGEOUS!! Always remember that!

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