What God Has Taught Me In 2016

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." - (Nehemiah 8:10)

Before I decided to write this post I thought it would be better to make a mini vlog about this topic, but then I realized how much I miss expressing myself to you all through my writing. Plus, I wanted to bring more amazing content to the table before the year ends. I guess you can say I am trying to end this year with a BANG!!!  

As we all know 2016 has been a year of blessings, but mostly lessons. I am not even going to lie this has been one of the TOUGHEST year that I have ever encountered. But I still thank God because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have learned how to depend more on my faith in him. But before I get all deep into what He has taught me this year I just want to take this moment to thank you all for constantly supporting me through my journey with God. It is amazing to see how many souls I have inspired just through being myself in Christ. As we go into 2017 I pray that God will open many doors for me to not only be creative, but also continue to spread the Gospel even more. I have so many great things in store for you all. WATCH OUT!! 2017 IS THE YEAR OF GREATNESS! 

What God has Taught Me In 2016

1. Putting more EFFORT in your relationship with Him makes a huge difference.

2. Be JOYFUL regardless of what season you are in.

3. I have the STRENGTH through Jesus Christ to FIGHT my flesh and the devil.

4. THINK before you react & respond to hate comments. Ask yourself is it going to be worth it if I respond to the hate? If you can not respond with LOVE then do not respond at all.

5. Put all my issues in his hands and WORK through them with Him gradually.

6. NEVER stay down for too long. KEEP PUSHING!

7. Life does not have to make sense. Just continue to WALK in your PURPOSE and he will surely see you through.

8. God has always been there for me. HE NEVER LEFT

9. Feeling PITY for yourself is not an OPTION.

10. God's LOVE is GREATER than any love a man can give me.

Now your turn, what is something God has taught you in 2016?

With that said, I am going to leave you all with an amazing quote from Pastor Phil (My Pastor): 
"Do not wait until you have cancer, until you lose your job or until something goes wrong in your life before you give your life to Christ. God is waiting for you and I to take that FIRST STEP." 
Make sure you take that step today.

Merry Christmas


  1. there's something i have really come to love about you, and its your relationship with God. it made me go back and give my life a check about my standing with him. most times when im let down i just go check your page on IG or come here and i just get what i need to keep on. thank you for showing someone like me that you can be christian and be a fashionable chic. Happy New Year

    1. Why are you so amazing? What did I do to deserve such amazing comment from you love. I thank God for you and I thank God for using me to inspire beautiful people like you. May you continue to grow in your relationship with Him. No need to thank me, thanm you for taking your time to look at my blog and Instagram. I truly appreciate you sis. Much love 💕 Happy New Year Queen