14 Signs That He Might Not Be The Right Man or Christian Man For You

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."- (Psalm 37:4)

Lately, I have been going through a lot of "situation-ships" that have been testing my faith and making me realize what I do not want in a man at this point in my life. I see what I go through as an opportunity for God to use me to help other women out there and this post today will be dedicated to women who follow Christ, but aren't patient enough to wait. I want God's QUEENS to know that you are better off devoting your precious time to God and making your relationship with him stronger than chasing after empty lust. God knows our hearts and desires; when the time is right He will grant us who we deserve. A man that will not only love you for you, but also see God's love through you. 

I believe that before we get into any type of relationship God always gives us clear signs. 1 Corinthians 14:33 says, "For God is not a God of confusion but of peace."  The bible also says that God will confirm His Word with signs to follow, which means that when God puts a certain feeling in your heart about a particular guy always listen to your spirit because He will always confirm the truth by showing you some kind of sign that will come to pass. Sometimes, these signs can be a warning from God or used to help you not make the wrong decisions. It can also help encourage and give you strength through your decision making and your faith. 

Types of Signs:
- Through A Dream
-Through Other People
-Through A Thought He Put In Our Hearts and Mind
- Nature
- Through His Words
- Through An Event Happening
- Just A Coincidence
These signs may not make sense to others; but to you, it's God saying, "Listen to me, I am in control. I am directing your steps." It's very important that we recognize these signs beforehand. So that we can stay encouraged and be patient enough to wait for God's timing without making a mistake that will cost us in the future. 

21 Signs That He Is Not The One:

1. He is drawn only to your physical appearance- I believe that a man should always focus on what is within. He needs to be able to see you through the eyes of the Lord. "Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last." - (Proverbs 31:30) Beauty fades with age, if a man is more concerned with your outer appearance, he will be unhappy when the wrinkles comes and the number on the scale goes up. He will always be looking for the next beautiful face. 
2. He only shows interest when you guys talk about sex- I believe when two people like each other the conversations they have with one another should always remain pure. If he is truly led by Christ he will be interested in getting to know you on a much deeper level. Sex won't come up because his mindset is on the right track and he is fascinated by this amazing woman God has placed in his path. If all a man wants to talk about is sex, then that's your cue to RUNNNNNNNNNNNN because nothing good is going to come out of such sin.
3. He feels like he knows you already through what he sees on social media-  No man should ever base you off of what he knows on social media. If he is not making the effort to know you off your social media platform then he doesn't really care. He might only be fascinated by who you present yourself to be online and the attention that comes with knowing you through your social media. Be careful with people like that because some of them end up being social climbers or users. 
4. He does not show you the type of love he has for God- I believe that when a man truly loves God his actions will speak louder. If a man can't even show you how much he loves God then how do you truly know that he is the one through Christ? He either does not know God or he might not have a strong relationship with Him. If you are a woman that truly desires the heart God then a man that doesn't love God will only distract you from Him or hinder your relationship with Him.
5. He is only into himself, he's appearance only matters to him- A few days ago I read a tweet that said, "if a man is not filled with the spirit or the word of God. Then he is full of himself." I can't really remember the exact quote but it goes a little something like that. It takes a lot to be a man of God. You don't want a man that just looks like a man of God rather than being an actual man of God.
6. He never expresses himself or his feelings to you. Or maybe he doesn't, but it's vague- A man that really likes you will never have a hard time expressing how he truly feels because he wouldn't want to lose you. I believe his words will always be clear and his intentions will always be good because he takes what you both have seriously. 
7. He tells you what you like to hear- The only reason I know a man would do this is because he wants to drag you along without having any future plans. He would rather feed you sweet lies only for his own selfish reasons. A man like that still has a lot to learn through Christ. Don't give into such games. 
8. He sees you just like other women out there. He does not see you as a queen or a daughter of God- If a man is unable to see the value in you now then he never will. It takes him knowing God to be able to see who you are through God. 
9. He says he is always busy or responds to your text very slow or a few days later- No matter how busy a man is if he truly loves you he will always make time for you or create time for you.
10. He talks to other women more than he talks to you- A man that loves you will never want you to feel like you are competing with another woman. 
11. He does not draw you close to God- that type of man is only a distraction in your life. You need someone who will help you in your walk with Christ. 
12. You chose him instead of God choosing him for you- As humans we don't always make the best decisions when it comes to choosing the right person. That is because most of the time we focus on the appearance of the person instead of the heart. It's always important to be patient and allow God to make the right decision for you when it comes to the type of husband that you deserve. God's choice is always the best!
13. You are only focused on his appearance instead of his character- Every time you find yourself doing that ask yourself this, Do you see any traits that JESUS CHRIST has in him? 
14. Just because he is a Christian man does not mean he is the right Christian man for you- Not every christian man that crosses your path is the one. You always have to go to God and pray about this because he might not be part of the plans God has for you. 

In this season, God has called some of you lovely women to focus on just him. Sometimes, God allows us to go through these bad breakups or hookups to show us what he does not want us to have. I know that these experiences that I have gone through has helped me mature in my faith. And it has also opened my eyes in seeing what I don't deserve in a man. So when those type of men approach me I know how to run the other direction. For some of us we don't see the signs early because we are stuck on our "types" instead of going to God first and patiently taking the time to see what God has to say. As women of God we have to be smart and also understand that we can save ourselves the headache if we listen to God in the first place. Also, don't get upset when the wrong type of man walks away from your life. See it as the protection of God is over you and He cares about you dearly. For every heartbreak there's a good reason behind it and has you start to heal through God you will see that you were blinded by lust, appearances and possibly sex. 

So, enjoy your single season with God and devote this time with him. Remember, God has a KING for every QUEEN. Him saving you from being miserable in a relationship should be a sign that he LOVES you dearly. 

At the end of the day you don't want to be that a woman that prepares a man for the next woman.

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  1. On the second point, yes all he should talk about shouldn't be sex but be rest assured that if he is attracted to you, it is at the back of his mind. So it should come up so boundaries can be set.
    Also, on the sixth point, guys are not as emotional as girls and show emotions on different level based on backgrounds and experiences so it would be wicked to close out a guy because he is not as revealing as you would like.