Part 1: Seeing Nigeria Through God's Eyes

"Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law."  (Psalm 119: 18)

The past month and a half has been truly amazing because I spent most of my summer in Lagos, Nigeria. I cannot begin to express to you all how much I love my motherland. Nigeria is my birthplace, but its roots flow through my veins. NIGERIA IS WHO I AM & WHO I AM ALWAYS GONNA BE! Before this trip I asked God to open my eyes and show me many sides of Nigeria. I wanted to see the good, the bad and even the ugly. I got the chance to see all 3 sides, but it was the strong love God has for this country that stood out to me the most. So, in this post I will be focusing on the positive sides of Nigeria and leaving the negativity to the haters. As you can see in Nigeria we do not live in bushes and we do not have Lions and Tigers walking around as some " Americans" think. With that said seat back and enjoy the simple things that I appreciated on this trip.  

Bare Face

Natural Beauty

1. Nigeria taught me how to embrace my natural beauty more. If you personally know me you would know that I appreciate the art of makeup and yes I brought my makeup with...but did not bother with it as much. The heat just would not let me be great and for some reason I felt comfortable being myself around my people. People I was surrounded with admired and appreciated my skin and natural glow. Talk about a confident booster. The compliments were humbling and real here.

Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave

2. I drove through this street everyday, so it was only right for me to capture this moment. There is something about being on the Island that just motivates me to want to succeed even more. Most of my days were spent in Ajah, Lekki, VGC and Victoria Island. Places of such wealth and prestige.

Leisure Mall

3. Leisure Mall in Surulere was one of the first mall I went to. I would not say this is the best mall in Nigeria, but it was a fun place to be. Not only was it by Shoprite (my favorite place to get candy) but in the inside it has a lounge, cinema and places to shop. a very pocket friendly mall and to my surprise it closes at 2 am. Parking is kind of difficult, but you will survive. lol


 4. One of my twitter friends recommended that I try beef Shawarma when I get to Nigeria and let me tell you guys. I fell in love with this tasty snack that has become a popular meal on the streets of Nigeria.

Oyingbo Ultra Modern Market

5. Nigeria is a place to hustle. I loved the busy-ness of the market place. The thuggish side of me had to come out every time. I had to be prepared for whatever. Jk! But in all honesty it was great seeing how business savvy Nigerians are. Very LIVELY place to be.

Keke Maruwa

6. I rode on a Maruwa the second day I was in Nigeria and that was probably the last time I would ever ride on one. Those drivers drive too reckless for me, but I love how cool the bus looked on the outside. Maybe one day I will take a fashionable picture of me posing in one.

Malta Drink

7. Malta is my FAVORITE drink ever! Yup! That explains it all. If you have not tried this drink before then you need to go to your local Nigerian or Asian store and get you some. I can't explain the taste, you will either love it or hate it. In my case I have loved it my entire life.

By Balogun Market in Lagos Island

8. The structure of the buildings in Nigeria are beautiful. You could tell they were built by the hearts and sweats of our men.

Ankara Fabric 

 9. The best part of my trip was going Ankara shopping. Nigeria has the best fabrics for a reasonable price. I definitely spent most of my time trying to find which color and design I wanted. I was happy by my top 4 choices. You will have to stay tune to see me rock the final products. Shout-outs to my favorite Tailors Deola and Mama Chinedu.

1) Chin Chin 2) Gurudi 3) Coconut Chuk-Chuk 4) Kuli-Kuli
 10. I haven't had chin-chin since I was young, so when my family and I went to the market place I made sure we bought our favorite ones. I felt like a kid at the candy store.

Nigerian Snacks

 11. The art of stacking these snacks... My dad asked the girl to grab the one from the very bottom. Smh

Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge

12. When I drove through Lekki Bridge I felt a sense of peace. It was almost like I had access to a entirely different world. I captured this moment when I was going to Banana Island another place that gave  me so much hope.

I feel my future is in Nigeria. Don't be surprised if I end up starting a life there in the long term. 

Part 2 (Coming Soon)...

Peace & Love

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